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Performance review day 398

Posted on February 29, 2016 by

Crunching the numbers 151

Posted on January 15, 2016 by

For ages now it’s been nagging at us that there wasn’t a quick and easy reference point for all the opinion polls we’ve commissioned, listing all the subjects covered by each poll and linking to both our own analyses of the figures and the raw data tables for people who wanted to go delving in amongst the stats themselves.


So now there is – it’s here. (And in future you can easily locate it under “Polls” in the menu bar running across the top of the front page.) We’re off for a bit of a lie down.

Towards a better, kinder 2016 343

Posted on January 03, 2016 by

The Herald columnist Iain Macwhirter has had some wise words to say on the subject of social media in the past few weeks, most recently on New Year’s Day:


The month before, though, he’d been even more to the point.

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Technical issues 19

Posted on December 05, 2015 by

We’ve had some gremlins in the works since yesterday, folks. Please bear with us.

Fine Time 80

Posted on November 21, 2015 by

By a margin of over three-to-one you voted for a fundraiser, so here it is:


1,142 of you voted in favour, so we’re expecting at least £1,142 😉

Crowdfunder of the day 159

Posted on November 20, 2015 by

We’ve been pondering this week whether or not to hold a quick fundraiser to pay the £750 fine levied on us recently by the Electoral Commission for being a bit late with some indyref paperwork, readers.

(Our feeling is that there’s still plenty money left in the Wings War Chest from this year’s big crowdfunder, but lots of people have specifically asked for one for the fine, mainly to make a point to both the Commission and the little army of Unionist trolls who almost exploded with glee when the news came out late last month.)

But we’re not sure we can compete with this.


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Readers’ Question Time 520

Posted on October 20, 2015 by

Okay, so we’ve tried everything. We’ve read all the papers, we’ve been through all the emails, and we’ve even gone out for a walk, which usually never fails to trigger some cataclysmic political upheaval or animal-sex scandal.

But it didn’t work. There’s still no news, which is probably why the papers – including the FRONT PAGES of the Scotsman and Telegraph – are on an incredible second day of the astounding revelation that someone told someone to f**k off on the internet.

As spectacular and mindboggling as some of the coverage undeniably is – most notably Alex Massie’s barking-mad, lie-filled howlatribe “J.K. Rowling and her heroic attack on the wicked cybernats” (whose title, remarkably, does not appear to be ironic) in ultra-right-wing loonzine CapX – even we’re fed up of reading people going on about us, so to pass the time we’re going to do something else instead.

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A short intermission 320

Posted on September 21, 2015 by

We’ve got a book to read today, folks, so we’ll be with you later.


We expect it to be in the top three funniest things we read today, but to be honest with you we wouldn’t like to commit to anything more specific than that.

Meanwhile in the real world 130

Posted on September 07, 2015 by

As we write, Alistair Carmichael’s QC is two hours into a seemingly-interminable drone in an Edinburgh courtroom, in a case brought by ordinary citizens against a former government minister funded by a public appeal. Our own recent fundraiser, inspired by a case a world away from such high-minded concerns, closed a few days ago on a phenomenal total of £16,083.

Indiegogo have now disbursed the first half of the money (the rest, specifically that part that was donated by credit card, should follow in the next fortnight), so now we need to decide what to do with it.

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Beyond endurance 179

Posted on August 13, 2015 by

The papers these days are full of horrendous stories. For some reason this one just tripped a nerve, and we wanted to do something. Click here for details.

Ticking along 122

Posted on August 01, 2015 by

It’s three months since our last traffic-stats update, so we’re due again.


Unique users: 308,314
(up 20,626 on June 2015, up 79,159 on July 2014)

Visits: 1,147,571
(up 90,453 on June 2015, up 229,604 on July 2014)

Page views: 4,732,038
(up 94,495 on June 2015, up 498,717 on July 2014)

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On their way 145

Posted on May 21, 2015 by

Sorry for the wait, readers, but having fancy custom stuff made simply takes time.


However, we’re delighted to report that all of the donor perks for our 2015 fundraiser are now in our possession, and will be winging their way out to generous contributors over the next few days.

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